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Want To OWN Your Own Website?

Would you like to reap your share of the Internet Business on the Information Super Highway? ...

Maybe you got sick and tired of your old site? Come to us, we can help!

The World Wide Web is the fastest growing means of communication to date.

There are more than 4.48 Billion users surfing the Internet, and about 90% are searching for Internet Information & Entertainment.

Those Numbers are growing 20% each month. Here at Profit Designs we will boost your Web Site into the next Millennium. 

Our Services include affordable, High Quality Web Design, Graphics for all applications, and Hosting.

We guarantee top of the line original work to all of our clients.


  Banner Design - For a small fee we will design a custom banner for you. 

  Logo/Icon/Background Design: All designs will be your own after payment is received. You own the copyrights.

  AnimationNEW! We now do animation. Ask us about our special.

  Hosting- NEW! Available now! Check out our Prices!

  Web Site Design - Playful, elegant, business, etc ... you name it, we will design it. 

  Web Site AUCTION - One Auction every week. Send us your bid! 

  URL Submission - We now submit your url to 1250 Search engines and Business Directories.

  We even check your META-TAGS. Find out more about our Special!

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